Top Baby Monitor for 2020

Victure Camera

The baby monitor has come a long way since they first came to market in 1937! Originally starting as only audio based devices, we have come along way since then.

Victure Wifi Baby Monitor

Next came video, then pan/tilt, baby monitors over the years have become a lot more advanced. A must have for any modern baby monitor is a clear display. The camera captures images at 1080p so you can check your little one is safe-and-sound with crystal clear image quality.

The latest innovation in baby monitors comes in the form of WiFi connected devices. Wifi cameras allow you to use your mobile phone as the screen, instead of carrying a separate device around the house with you.

In addition to not having a second bulky screen, it also means that the when you buy these cameras, more of your money is going toward the quality of the camera itself.

A prime example of such as camera is

Victure WiFi Camera

This camera boasts an amazing,

  • 1080p image quality
  • 2-way communication
  • Motion Detection
  • On Camera Video Storage (with SD Card)
  • Easy to Use
  • Wide-angel: 120°
  • works on IOS & Android

As this camera supports two-way audio it allows parents to listen out for when your baby is restless, and you can communicate back through the microphone on your smartphone to reassure your child so they can continue to get a good nights sleep.

What do customers say

The Victure camera has over 1000 positive reviews with a 4.5 rating out of 5, and is currently in the Amazons top 5 most purchased baby monitors.

Another thing that sets this camera apart from all the other on the market is the modest price, some premium branded cameras, are twice the price of this camera without offering twice the functionality.

If you are after a balance of functionality and cost effectiveness then this Victure Baby Camera is for you.